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Girly Ipad Case? JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case

Looking for a stylish case for your iPad? The JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Axis Case is definitely a great choice which looks pretty in purple and with some cherry blossom that adds to its girly charm.

The JAVOedge Axis Case also doubles up as a video stand for your iPad. It lets you prop your iPad for hands-free viewing at horizontal or vertical position or having it tilt at a comfortable viewing angle. It has a magnet flap closure that offers hassle-free access to your iPad.

The JAVOedge case has been designed to allow access to control and outlets of iPad while it’s encased inside. The bottom line is it protects your iPad well from dirt and scratches as well as making it to look cute in your hands. Want one? Just click the “Buy now” button below to get yours!

Purse shaped portable boom box

Are you a gadget lover? Than this one is for you, iLive latest portable Boom box with iPod dock, it’s for ladies because the boom box has a purse-shaped design and comes in multicolour. So if you have a Nano, have this bright coloured version and even if you don’t have Nano still you can have it around as it brightens up.

This iPod dock comes with a Radio IB109P you can also connect to the external music with the AUX jack. Even if you are bored with your music you can tune AM/FM and bask in. There are five colour selections starting from Black, Pink, Blue, Purple and White. This Boombox will set you back at $30.00 at Amazon.

Louis Vuitton’s iPad Cover

Apple has a good history of designer collaborations, most notably its beautiful range of accessories made by Mulberry. But it was about time someone took it upon themself to design a smart cover for the new iPad, and that someone was none other than Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton’s iPhone cover has been a huge success [...]

Zebra Print Blue iPad Cover

You may not be able to go on your dream safari in the African plains, but this Zebra print iPad sleeve can help you to forget your disappointment. It’s bold, it’s trendy, and it will make normal Zebra’s quite jealous with your turquoise stripes. This bag is hand made on Etsy, and it makes for [...]

iLuv Pink iPad Sleeve

Pink and pretty, the iLuv iPad sleeve is about as girly as they come. It’s got a pretty flowery design on the front, and reportedly will come in a large variety of styles and patterns. It includes two pockets on the outside for all your accessory needs as well. iLuv lists it for $25.

Pink Case-Mate for Google Nexus One

If you’re looking for protective case to protect your Google Nexus One phone well, the Case-Mate Nexus one case is one of the good choices out there. Now it has a pink/black version that suits the tastes of many girls. This pink Google Nexus One Tough case from Case-Mate uses two layers to provide your [...]